When and Why Do I Need a Glamour Photo Shoot?

When do you need a glamour photo shoot? I’d say any day of the year. But if I were to give you a guide, the following list could be a good starting point:

  1. Breakup and divorce – good relationships never ends in a divorce or a breakup so it is a good reason to celebrate (getting out of bad relationship) and get your mojo back. There’s nothing like a glamour photo shoot with photos to prove how gorgeous you look. Sure way to get your confidence back whereas drinking heavily and eating vast amount of naughty food won’t do the trick.
  2. Menopause – Celebrate another big milestone in life. No more pills, pads, tampons or silicon cups. Sip some nice herbal tea getting over hot flushes. Embrace changes and rocking out the new lease in life.
  3. Take a break from kids – you always put your kids first. For one day, put you first. You’ll love your kids more and they will notice new bounce in you after a photo shoot.
  4. Lost weight – Got back in shape? Why not flaunt it?
  5. Feeling old and down – There’s nothing like making you feel and look beautiful than having a make-over and a photo shoot to record better version of yourself.
  6. Glam the dress- modify and wear the wedding dress again for a photo shoot – while remembering your wedding day looking super gorgeous again – styled and pampered just like the day of your wedding.

The bottom line?

  • Boost your confidence when you’re down in the dumps.
  • Enhance and increase the level of happiness

Sounds to good, does it? BUT, it is NOT one of those cases of ‘too good to be true’. I’ve only just listed stories of my clients.

If any of the list items describes you why not give me a call to book a personalised session?




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