Do you do weddings?

My answer to that question used to be yes. I still have a wedding work booked in January 2015. I hope that would be my last wedding assignment. I love making images – any kind of photography.

In the end though, I had to decide on my niche. It took me a number of years to figure out what my niche was. Looking back, it was just like the time when I decided to give up graphic design as my career thinking that I’m better yet working with them than being one myself.

When you ‘google’, wedding photography perth there’s a ton of wedding businesses competing for a spot in the first Google result page. I found a couple of wedding photography studios that I’d love to use (if I were to renew my bow for our 20th wedding anniversary?). These guys are so good. See, that’s why I don’t want to do weddings any more.

First one I found is Still Love. I absolutely love their style. The very latest wedding post comes up in the site has a series of candid photos treated vintage film matt finish which makes me just swoon.  At the price sitting around at $3500+, they are  mid-tier photographers, definitely affordable for most people planning for their wedding. Well, I know that some don’t have a budget of $500 for wedding photography but they wouldn’t be searching the web with that budget, honestly. (usually it would be done by a friend of friends who happens to have a nice camera etc).

The second lot I like the look of is White Tulip. Their style seems similar to mine.  Their starting price is $2500 but judging by the way things are described it will potentially be a lot more if you’re after a disc with high resolution jpeg files. I do like their composition – wide angle formal portrait images and close up candid images. Photos are quite varied and they are of high quality.


There you have it.  You don’t need to ask me if I still do weddings now.  So.. Please let me focus on making every day women feel and look beautiful and let these guys to do your wedding.




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