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My before & after pictures are all about showcasing dramatic and glamorous changes. It is NOT about how ‘ugly’ before photo is. I don’t believe I make ugly before photos. I certainly don’t believe any of my clients look that way before any make up and big hair. There, I said it. Actually, I was talking to one of my family portrait clients the other day and he said some of the ladies look better in before photographs.

Enough of preamble?

Tanya is my client. To be specific, she assigns me to various event photography work specially during the racing season. I see her nicely dressed with matching fascinators each time but I have never really been allowed to take photos of her. You know how it is. Quite a few women I know are very camera shy. To better describe it, some of them are horrified by the thought of being in front of cameras. It was a bit of surprise when she said yes to my invitation to a studio session – being in front of cameras  for more than an hour with my crazy directions. In the end, her ‘give it a go’ attitude  made it possible for me to produce some gorgeous images.

Her exact words were after seeing her photos that I made:

They are amazing – best photos I have ever had!

_DS24709-Edit 23-18-Tanya-Cull-24745-Edit

Every woman I talk to tells me that she is not photogenic. My response to that? You just need to find a good photographer.

Give yourself a gift of having good photos. As some famous photographers say, you must exist in photos at every stage of your life. You know I am not talking some random selfies?! It is just tragic to see newspapers print bar-crawling photos from Facebook because that’s the only photo available for a person (e.g. who recently got into trouble).

More before & after pics? Head on over to the dedicated page.





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