Social Media Stress & How I minimise it

Facebook is a great place for connecting with people. One thing that is hard at times, however, is finding myself aimlessly looking at what others (those that I don’t really know but somehow connected as ‘friends’) are doing and getting moody. Or other times I start incoherent rants and get myself into ‘trouble’ – resulting in deactivating the account for a few days.

As I reflected on those, I realised that it largely came from self hate – nothing I have is good enough, not valuing myself or what I do for a living. Ah, isn’t that something a lot of us suffer from? Knowing that though – embracing the fact that most of us are in it together – doesn’t make it any easier.

I fully accept that I get influenced by what I see and read online. Therefore, I now limit my time on social media sites such as Facebook. Excising self-love while I make an effort to see people face to face rather than ‘seeing’ them online. That is the only way to see the ‘whole picture’ rather than what’s been (selectively) presented.

Today, out an assignment, I gave my client a hug. That came from genuine concern and empathy after hearing a rather sad (but possibly better for future) story. It wasn’t actually for that person but for the client’s sibling. I’ve asked to pass it on despite the fact that it was rather cheesy for me to request such a thing.

Go out and see friends and family this weekend. Share stories for real (not via share button), drink your favourite beverages (not via emoticons) and give each other a hug (real tight ones).

I’ll be hugging a lot of people this weekend and it will not appear in my Facebook feed as I will be too busy not being online.




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