How to avoid overwhelm

Do you have an overwhelming feeling of ‘Where do I even begin!’? That’s the comment I often hear from my clients and students.

I then ask how many ‘yeses’ they’ve given away on any given day. We often say yes to too many things, don’t we? All this – branding/marketing and running a business well – comes down to one simple truth:

The ability to say NO to non-essential things so that we have space (I call it peace) to carry on doing the important work.

I know it’s not easy.

I know we are not often brought up to say NO.

I know we often have to say YES to keep the peace.

But ultimately we pay the price when we say yes to things each and every time. Could you say No to something today to give yourself the extra space you need?

You could convert that extra space into doing. Take those initial first few minutes to do something that you’ve been wanting to do.

And here we are back at motivation again. Give it five minutes. Your friend, motivation, will then quietly sit down beside you to get you going.




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