Your and their values

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about values. Recent encounters with various women raised these questions and I’ve been trying to answer them. But Let me ask you instead.

  • Do you value your partner? Does he or she value you as much?
  • How much value do you add to your work place? Does your employer value you as much therefore pay you accordingly?
  • How much additional value do you provide your customer? Do they value your service therefore coming back for more?
  • Do you value yourself?

Things tend to work out well when there is a balance. It is perhaps never perfectly balanced – between your perceived versus returned/physical values. Any sort of balancing acts would help maintain even the most delicate situation/relationship/customs.

Re-evaluation is when there is a gap whether small or large such as:

  • When his needs always come before yours, you’d want to re-evaluate.
  • When you get more than your share of work and higher duties (read your JDF carefully), you’d want to re-evaluate.
  • When your customer stop coming to you when there’s more work there for you, you’d want to re-evaluate.
  • When you spend more time for others than for yourself, you’d want to re-evaluate.

Re-evaluation could/may/must (depending on the size of the gap) lead to negotiation. We often, myself included, shy away from negotiating with others. That could be from laziness or fear or anxiety (or ‘put your worst enemy within’.)  I always find negotiation a worthwhile endeavour. That’s what I learnt from working at agencies (as an account manager/project manager dealing with tough clients) for many years.

So I say to you. Value yourself, value what you do and provide value to others. Do your best. Negotiate when you’re not getting a fair deal. If all fails just move on. The world is big and our life seems always too short.





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