Finding Your Why

We often deal with this question when we get down to seriously consider marketing our products and services.

What is that point of differentiation for my business (compared to others)?

I’ve seen many people struggle to answer that question. When you can answer the question, branding yourself becomes much easier. Well, actually everything about marketing your business becomes so much more straightforward as well.

To help you answer the question of differentiation, let me ask you another question.

What causes you to have a sense of indignation?

Several years ago, Melanie Perkins (co-founder of Canva, now a billion-dollar company) was interviewed by a local paper long before Canva became what it is today. The reason why Canva was created was:

It shouldn’t be this difficult to create a school yearbook!

It was her sense of indignation against the difficulty of using professional software (e.g. Adobe products). She was philosophically opposed to having to use such esoteric programs when she thought creating a school yearbook ‘should be simple’.

This concept of identifying one’s philosophical stance and connecting with the feeling of ‘wrong’ in our chosen industry helps us identify our ‘WHY’ if you’re familiar with the work by Simon Sinek of Start with Why.

What gets your blood boiling when you look around your industry? That could be your WHY and your differentiation.

**Interesting fact, Ms Perkins used to live not far from where I’m based. Yes, she is originally from Perth.




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