Feeling stuck? Try this trick.

I often hear people say they feel stuck.

One thing my clients know after working with me is that they need to describe more specifically how they actually feel. I don’t allow them to simply stop there in the state of ‘stuck’. 

What they are asked to do is:

  • Describe the physical sensations
  • Describe the emotional state

What their answers usually indicate is a state of fear and the underlying belief:
“I shouldn’t feel this way.”

My response to that is:
“Why shouldn’t you?”

We are fallible humans. When the stakes are high, when we are stretching beyond what’s familiar, and when we’re attempting to do something for the first time, we feel what we feel, which is a perfectly normal thing for us humans.

In labelling what we feel by using the immovable word ‘stuck’, we literally remain stuck.
Instead, I invite you to become curious while remembering you’re allowed to feel whatever you feel, and it’s a perfectly human response. By this time, what happens physiologically is anything but stuck, because a non-judgmental awareness of what is actually happening can help us to move in the direction we need to go.

Once you acknowledge that feeling and see it for what it is, in about 90 seconds, that sensation of feeling uneasy (or whatever description you used to answer the two questions above) usually disappears.

Try it and let me know how you go.




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