What to do when you find yourself in the darkness

At times, we could find ourselves frustrated and perhaps sad because of the realisation that we’ve been wasting our valuable time in positions and companies where we remain hidden and small, not fully realising our full potential. In such times we may feel like we’ve been betraying ourselves.

When we are feeling that way, it’s hard to see our way around the situation. I’d like to remind you, though, that the realisation of how things could be highlights what is true for us and what is not, and points to what we want to have more of in life and in our work.

We can see the light only against the darkness.

When we find ourselves in darkness, we can also start seeing the light, starting exactly where we are.

In most cases, we, ourselves, are the engineer of the situation, which means we could also choose to pivot our way out of the darkness.

There’s no time for frustration. It’s time to appreciate and start moving towards the light where you could thrive and contribute more while leveraging your strengths.




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