Happy Together

This photo was taken 10 years ago from my apartment in Paris on a winter’s day. To this day, I cannot describe how heart-achingly lonely I was.

In 2004, I decided to base myself in Paris to pursue my career, leaving my guy behind in Abu Dhabi. Being separated after spending nine years together was the hardest thing I had to do. He still had a year left on his contract with an employer in the UAE, and I had to spend a year in Paris working. Being separated for one year doesn’t sound like much now but somehow it was too painful to bear most days at the time.

I did enjoy the life in Paris, don’t get me wrong. I would do that again in a heartbeat if I was given the opportunity but perhaps with one difference – I’d go with my partner.

I missed him so dearly. How happy I was when we were together whenever he came to Paris for a visit! This is probably the only picture of us together taken when we finally saw each other after nearly six months apart.


We both look quite a bit younger in this pic. Looking at the image, I still have tears springing to my eyes and feel the pain and joy I had 10 years ago.

Where are we right now? I’m writing this post in my studio and he is out to see his dentist. Just getting on with our daily lives as a couple. Oh boy, how grateful I am though…Here we are together. We spend a lot of time together now more than ever before. Someone asked us recently if we were newly-weds. Not quite. Just been together for about 20 years and married for 18.

I am glad I have this one image to remind myself how much I cherish my relationship with the man I love. This is especially handy when he does things that annoy me a little. I’d rather have this occasionally naughty guy around me than being alone….so Happy Together.





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