A bunch of Before & Afters

In all seriousness, the idea was not to post a bunch of before & afters unceremoniously. The actual plan was to do a post for each and share the behind the scenes images along with stories from each lady.

It turned out though I cannot physically manage that as I got more bookings hence shooting and having to process more images. A bunch is better than nothing at all, I figured.

I harp on about how much I love shooting women and I also talk a lot about taking photos of regular women. What do I mean by regular women? The definition for me is simple – she is not a professional model. I’m having to explain this a lot because a) I get contacted by (wannabe) models asking for shoots quite often b) my business tagline says fashion/beauty and people assume, therefore, I shoot fashion models (why? not sure) c) I call myself a glamour photographer. Somehow that makes people to link to fashion models.

I was asked again today in a different way. Who is your target market? Or better way would be Who is your ideal client? My answer goes – mothers who have always been putting everyone else before them. And really if I were to go more broadly it would be women who could really do with feeling great about themselves for a change. That means a lot of us. So I’m telling all of you that you deserve to be photographed by my team. There, I said it.

Here, please enjoy this bunch of before and after images. We have mothers (with at least three children) with career, a young manager at heavy machinery hire company, professional women who wanted some different corporate photos and ended up with more than just photos.

Until next time. xoxo

35_before-after-slider-deb  33_before-after-slider-rochelle-connelly 32_before-after-slider-lara-paige 31_before-after-slider-regina-eccleston




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