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Some useful and not so useful bits of information on Facebook and Instagram for you.

Both platforms are having a rough time getting hammered by various govt. authorities around the globe. I won’t go into any detail on that but here’s what I’m doing and what I could share with you:

  • I uninstalled the Facebook app on my devices some weeks ago and I haven’t been on Facebook since then
  • I spend roughly 10 minutes a day updating Instagram Story to share a photo a day or reposting archived Instagram stories from the past (1 or 2 or 3 years ago) – until last year I used to spend more than an hour or so each day
  • I publish a new post once or twice a week (or less some times) on Instagram
  • Instagram now recommends using 3 to 5 hashtags for each post. It doesn’t mean you can’t use 30, so you might want to test out what works best for you (for now)
  • Hashtags in the first comment on Instagram (which I used to use via Planoly) is no longer recommended. I now add hashtags in the caption, not in the first comment
  • IG TV no more – they’ve combined feed videos and IG TV into Instagram Videos and the IG TV cover is now square which makes it simpler than before.

And some of you would wonder how I get to keep my Instagram engagement/numbers consistent while spending very little time there. Have I delegated that to some third party? No.

There are only two ways to deal with social media as a business owner and a marketer – spending a generous amount of time maintaining it (relationship+engagement) or promote (via Instagram advertising platform) posts. In other words, spending your time OR/AND money.

There is no secret magic to social media audience growth.

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