Do you often ask yourself if you’re good enough

Am I good enough?

This is another common question that gives people pause and may stop you from branding yourself.

Just like the question from my last email (what would they say about me?), ‘am I good enough’ isn’t really a question if you really think about it. The mere act of raising this question means the answer is already a forgone conclusion.

The question of ‘Am I good enough’ is really a self-affirming statement of ‘I’m not good enough’.

What if I ask you to add a little extra at the end of that question to say:

Am I good enough for some people?

The answer is, of course, always, YES.

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you were good enough for some people to hire you to do what you do. Or get promoted for your current position or to get a raise or bonus here and there. You know what I’m talking about.

All of us are good enough for some people. And without a doubt, we are great for some people. Whenever you feel like that little thing called imposter syndrome starts cropping up, I invite you to rephrase the ‘Am I good enough’ question by adding ‘for some people’ at the end.

Those ‘some people’ are your audience who will highly value your contribution and your insight. When you offer up vague questions such as ‘Am I good enough’, you get vague and unreliable answers that cheat yourself, that cheat your audience out of receiving your valuable services and, ultimately, may stop your progress by selfishly concentrating your focus on you rather than the people you seek to serve.

So know that you’re great for some people. And with that knowledge, continue doing the great work you’re doing already.

Brand yourself for your audience. They need you.




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