Brand with Integrity

What does it mean to be out of alignment with our integrity?

When we read that, we may feel like we’ve committed some high crime against moralistic judgement.

How I explain the situation is different. When I talk about building a personal brand with integrity, it simply means your actions (behaviours) are aligned with your:

  • Values
  • Emotion
  • Thoughts

When all four elements are aligned, we feel whole, and others perceive us as trustworthy because of our internal and external consistency.

As you can see then, integrity isn’t some unachievable virtue only possible when we become saints or martyrs. 

For me, it is a daily reminder and practice of checking in with our values to regulate our emotions and thoughts so that our actions are not impetuous or irrational.

All of us are guilty of, at times, stressing so much about the social media profile or logo when it comes to branding. But at the end of the day, we are our brand. Once you get our actions aligned with our values, emotion & thoughts, elements such as the logo or social media profile will just be icing on the cake.




Hi, my name is Songy, your Personal Brand Coach & Photographer. I help you create a brand that represents who you are and what you do so that you can grow your business. I’ve moved well away from thoughts of having the ‘wrong’ personality or being an introvert, and now I’m helping everyone who is not comfortable being visible to become visible and flourish in the marketplace. My clients love my direct, no-nonsense approach, my off-beat sense of humour and my caring nature. Connect with me by signing up to receive my weekly marketing insights and personal branding secrets.

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