Winnie Chen

I photographed Winnie back in April for her book cover. She was to become a published author and it was essentially my first author photo shoot.

As I received her final book cover design the other week, I thought it was time for me to catch up with Winnie and find out more about her and her new book which is coming out in October.


For many years Winnie Chen worked as a financial planner, and she realised over the years is that people are generally not equipped to even consider financial planning. I was surprised by that comment. But what she said afterwards made sense. That what we need is a radical shift in money mindset. Intrigued? That is the reason why she decided to write a book about it.

The title of the book is the 21 day Guide to Financial Happiness. The way I understood it was that the book focuses on behavioural changes for financial wellness. As far as Winnie is concerned, we need to look after our financial health just the way we look after our physical health.

The book was written in Mandarin and it will be published next month in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. I asked her whether it would be translated into English. Probably not. But it could become available as an online course.

I’m curious about her financial wellness concept. We know there are some well known names in personal finance such as Ramit Sethi (American) and Scott Pape (Australian). She could become a household name in personal finance in Mandarin speaking countries. After all, it is the most spoken language in the world. With her holistic thinking approach, I think she has a good chance.

Here’s to Women Making a Difference. 🌏





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