Where not to spend money when you’re starting out

Last week, I mentioned I’d share something about where NOT to spend money on when you start out as a business owner.
This is the sixth year of running my business. We hear often that small businesses fail in the first three years, right?

Reason? Simple – Money.

Sure, we could come up with many other reasons but ultimately, if there’s a healthy cashflow your business won’t fail.

That brings me to talk about where we spend money on when we first start out. In this video, I share five things you could ‘skimp’ on as you launch your business.

Some of you out there reading this will disagree with me, especially if you’re in the business of offering the services I mentioned in the video.

Your work is essential, and there are definite needs for your service. However, I’m talking to those who are genuinely bootstrapping with very little or no budget.

As I said in the video, I was guilty of having spent a ton for one thing from the list. 🙈

In the next week’s video, I’ll share my experience of spending $$$$ and how it helped me grow my business.




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