What is branding photography?

I’ll explain branding photography in my own words rather than using a dictionary-style definition.

What are branding photos?

Effective branding photos showcase YOU (if you’re a professional providing services) or your PRODUCTS (if you simply sell tangible goods) in the best possible way. They help you attract your desirable clients. In other words, your branding photos are an important marketing tool.

Branding photos aren’t simply about you, however. That is why you don’t see photos of me in my website.

A better example – I have is an accounting firm as one of my clients. I created their standard headshots. However, the most important factor for their branding isn’t them. It’s their many clients from various industries!

Account firm’s clients – publisher, artist, and electricians featured as case studies.

Your branding photos could include not only you and your people but also your office, your store, or your building.

What’s included in branding photography?

I can answer this question in many different ways – process, preparation, cost. In this instance, I’ll explain what you will have in your branding image library when your photo shoot has been completed:

  • your headshots – use as your bio image e.g. LinkedIn, various industry specific forums, your blog bio. I rarely take traditional white background, you smile and I take your photo type of shots (think real-estate agent photos) as part of branding but that can also be added as required.
  • images for communication channels (funnels)  – to be used in your website, newsletter, blog, social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Yelp). You get action shots, such as working with clients, clients using your products, products in use, styled images of you in various relevant settings.
  • aspirational and result images – images invoking lifestyle/professional aspiration that will resonate with your clients.

Depending on who you are and what you do, you may need all of those or some of those to create your branding image library.


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