What do you do?

As part of my clients’ personal brand strategy sessions, I go through a personal branding workbook PDF with them. The very first section of that PDF is “How do you introduce yourself” – your introduction.

Below is the one of six emails in a series that I use as part of the strategy session.


Here’s the thing – we are so judged by our ‘cover’ and we have so little time.

“People decide on your trustworthiness in a tenth of a second.”
Making Up Your Mind After a 100-Ms Exposure to a Face –
Psychological Science 2006

With that in mind, let me give you a helping hand with your intro.

When I ask you “What do you do?” and you answer by saying

I’m a {your job title}

We have a problem!

Here’s a handy resource for you.
Watch this short video by Clay Hebert.

Skim this cheat sheet created by him.

Let me know what you come up with for your answer to the “What do you do?” question.

Feel free to reply to share your new and improved introduction with me.




Hi, my name is Songy, your Personal Brand Coach & Photographer. I help you create a brand that represents who you are and what you do so that you can grow your business. I’ve moved well away from thoughts of having the ‘wrong’ personality or being an introvert, and now I’m helping everyone who is not comfortable being visible to become visible and flourish in the marketplace. My clients love my direct, no-nonsense approach, my off-beat sense of humour and my caring nature. Connect with me by signing up to receive my weekly marketing insights and personal branding secrets.

Your face. Your story. Your brand.

A personal brand playbook for professionals

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