Taking photos for Perth College Ball

I always thought Year 12 Ball photos were sucky. Boys looked too young and girls looked too old for their age. Every photo I’ve ever seen had a distinctive look of ‘oh we are looking so fabulous’ but the photos themselves rarely looked fabulous. The thought of someone making money from taking those photos used to make me snigger. What I didn’t consider was I would one day get to do just that – take photos for a school ball.

Despite my apprehension, the shooting went well I thought. What I realised though was students needed help. I could have easily sent them a worksheet beforehand (just like I do for my other clients) and get them to brief me, thereby having some sort of an idea as to what they wanted to get out of having a professional photographer. As it happened, they had no idea so I ended up doing my specialty – telling people what to do.

Having the session organised by one of the students, it was entirely possible that they didn’t know that I was a pro. It isn’t like I have a sign on my forehead saying “professional photographer”.

I tried but I couldn’t make the boys look like men and girls look like girls. Some girls look more mature than I do! I guess that it’s the makeup. I realise now there is very little one can do on that front. Now I can’t snigger at anyone who has taken school ball photos.

Folks could quite possibly snigger at some of the photos that I’ve taken, given how awkward the whole ball business is. Regardless, I’m considering having school ball photos as one of my staple offerings.

Awkward or not, it is one of those moments worth capturing.

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