When I saw Aly, the creative director for Styleaid, last year not long after StyleAid Connect 2013, I remember her being rather excited about the next show. I could have quizzed her about this year’s concept – which I found out today. But I was being a good sport and decided to wait.

Today, I finally received a mail from Muse Bureau, PR agency for the event, announcing that this year’s STYLEAID will take place in 1 August. According to their PR blurb released today, in Aly’s words, STYLEAID MYTHIC 2014 will take us

into a world of mythology and fairy tales. 

I suspect the whole event will be epic if the last year’s show was anything to go by. I know the photography for this year’s concept Mythic was done last week but no image has been ‘leaked’ yet so I’m itching to see them. I suspect it would be out in a month or two as the website, promotional materials and the rest will have to be coordinated.

Today’s media release is very timely since the movie Dallas Buyers Club gained a lot of attention lately.

At least most of us know what AIDS is but what’s lacking even to this day is the commitment for treatment for existing sufferers. Finding a cure for AIDS is all well and good but how about those millions of people who don’t have access to medications?

Starting with awareness, continuing with effective education and pushing for efficient and common sensical approach to distribution of treatment wouldn’t be hard when the world’s biggest names are backing the good cause. However, we have seen and heard all too many tragic stories in Australia and in other countries.

For that reason alone, this will have to be a sell out event.

[box style=”info”]
Friday 1 August 2014
Grand Ballroom, Crown Perth
Reservations: or (08) 9482 0014

If you’re going to the show I might see you there. You know where to find me (in the photographer’s pit).
If you missed last year’s head over to:




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