After a bit of break from runway shows, I went to StyleAID 2015 GOGO. What could I say? It’s good. The show is always excellent albeit difficult to shoot.  The atmosphere is always electrifying as the venue is glossy, music is loud, the crowd is excited (more so than other fashion parades) as  it is no regular fashion runway. The annual event has been running for over a decade and it raised more than million dollars for WA AIDS Council.

Each year, the theme is different and its list of designers varies although there are some staples such as Costarella and aelkemi (who starts and ends the show would be of some tricky business I would think).

This year’s theme GOGO was quite apt as it is the case each year. The retro feel was felt through out the show specially by retailers such as Varga Girl.

This year’s show felt a little leaner than previous’. That must have been felt in the ticket sales. According to someone inside, it was similar for Boobalicious  this year (similar charity ball for Breast Cancer Council). That said, the fashion show is always big requiring a little less than straight forward walking up and down the catwalk due to the number of designers. This year, there were three runways. (gah… yes..I couldn’t take photos of quite a few garments but not the end of the world).


This year’s standout for me were, Nell’s Collection (fenella peacock), Salasai (as if fashion god asked someone to create a wardrobe specially for me) and Yuuki (just because I wear it on a day to day basis).



I’ve met Fenella in 2009 at a talk organised by Fremantle Art Centre on running a fashion business. Since that I haven’t really had a chance to talk to her in person. Perhaps, this might be an occasion after seeing her latest collection to visit her store and have a wee chat with the designer herself. As for Salasai, I do not know who the designer is. If anyone is interested in hooking me up with the designer please give me a shout!


I’m hoping to see the latest from Yuuki more up close so watch this space.  Until then stay stylish. xoxo

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