Step 5 – Putting it all together

In the last dispatch of my Brand Building Series – Step 4 Brand Emotion Keywords – I asked you to pick 3 or 4 keywords based on the work you’ve done in the previous steps.

You might now wonder what to do with those keywords. In fact, this is where your visual brand takes shape.

Your Brand Colours
Do a quick search on colours (or colour palettes) matching your first keyword. For example:

Search for: “colour (palette) representing (your keyword here)”

Let’s say my first keyword is ‘Zest’. In the image search results, you’ll see a bunch of colours show up. It’s very likely that you’ll see a bunch of yellows.

Go through this process for all other keywords. What you’ll end up with is a somewhat disparate collection of colours. At the same time, you’ll see several pre-made colour palettes done by designers.

Have a look at them. Do they match your brand emotion keywords? Check-in with yourself to see if the ‘right feel’ is conveyed when you look at those colours. If yes, those are now your brand colours.

All visuals for your brand
You’ll use the same process each time you want to create/choose an image for your brand (e.g. social media posts). Does the photo you want to use match your brand keyword? If not, make sure that what you create, post or share consistently matches your brand emotion keywords.

The same applies to your website, social media banners and all other marketing materials!

This is the key to creating a consistent brand image without using exactly the same colours or photos all the time. With this method of matching your brand against your brand emotion keywords, you get to have some freedom while ensuring consistency.

In this brand-building series, I shared here is from my signature brand-building program Brand Build Mastery which goes much more in-depth with lots of useful tools and techniques.

If you’re interested in building your brand and becoming visible this year, check out the program. Any questions, write to




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