Noise vs Signal in Branding

We are often surrounded by a lot of noise → internal chatter and external blasts from all directions.

Brand building for us is like a noise-cancelling exercise.

Often, people mistake creating lots of noise with the bias towards action. This is by and large from fear of missing out. I see this manifested in numerous ways.

  • Offering too many different services
  • Complicated pricing options
  • Getting distracted by fads and trends
  • Talking about too many different things.

Time and again, when I work with clients, I notice that what we do is find and refine a signal out of all that noise. The signal is hidden somewhere under deep layers of noise. When I say signal, I refer to an unambiguous message that can stick in our chosen audience’s mind.

The sorting out of the signal from the noise starts with a systematic look at Self and Others. The insights gained from these two steps, which I call ‘Self Discovery’ and ‘Embrace Your Audience’, make it possible for us to zero in on that all-important signal.

When we finally find our signal, that first one may not go as far as we would like because it may still be relatively weak. However, through careful iteration, and refinement, we can strengthen our signal to significantly increase our opportunities to reach our ideal audience.

What will you do today to search for your signal?




Hi, my name is Songy, your Personal Brand Coach & Photographer. I help you create a brand that represents who you are and what you do so that you can grow your business. I’ve moved well away from thoughts of having the ‘wrong’ personality or being an introvert, and now I’m helping everyone who is not comfortable being visible to become visible and flourish in the marketplace. My clients love my direct, no-nonsense approach, my off-beat sense of humour and my caring nature. Connect with me by signing up to receive my weekly marketing insights and personal branding secrets.

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