More LIKES in Social Media not always better

Last week, I shared my thoughts on the importance of an Instagram grid/profile design. As promised, this week I’m going to share some interesting insights on the creation of engaging social media content.

We often stress over how many likes each post would get when we create content for social media. And we also often hear that it’s important to show our face in order for those posts to perform better.

Yes, that is partially true but it isn’t strictly so. Let me give you an example.

The post below is what I call a ‘sharing’ post. It’s a photo of myself. The caption would have something personal in nature but not overly so. That post got over 100 likes and dozens of comments. 

The next post is what I call a ‘teaching’ post. I’m teaching a branding concept. This is about imparting knowledge, so I not only show my authority as an expert but also add value for the reader. This post didn’t get as much attention (on the surface)—less than 50 likes and a lot fewer comments.

So far so predictable. But what you don’t see will surprise you. Here are the numbers you don’t get to see because they are visible only to the account owner. Nobody shared my ‘sharing’ post and only one person saved the post. Whereas several people shared the ‘teaching’ post and 24 people saved it.

A huge number of likes against any posts may make us feel good (we are all vain after all and myself definitely included) but how people behave and what they do (saving and sharing) is a lot more important than what they ‘say’ (liking).

That said, I’m not suggesting that we go crazy filling our feed entirely with ‘teaching’. That would be boring. Instead, we need a balance between sharing and teaching because teaching alone cannot create any meaningful connection with our audience.

What that balanced feed looks like is entirely based on what your brand is about.

Was it helpful for you? Let me know.

Sending you love,

P.S. If you find the insights I shared here useful you’ll love my online course, Brand Build Mastery, where I cover every aspect of Brand Building (including the best ways to go about creating content).




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