Got a business idea?

Got a business/product idea?

Launch it with confidence once your fans are already in place.
Don’t go hoping that you’ll have clients after launching it.

Got an existing business?

Really study your ideal audience to make sure that you’re speaking their language. You can’t be for everyone.
Equally, I’m under no illusion that my service is for everyone. Clearly NOT.
I’m not for you if you’re not willing to take a serious look at who you are and what it is that you’re bringing to the world.





Hi, my name is Songy, your Personal Brand Coach & Photographer. I help you create a brand that represents who you are and what you do so that you can grow your business. I’ve moved well away from thoughts of having the ‘wrong’ personality or being an introvert, and now I’m helping everyone who is not comfortable being visible to become visible and flourish in the marketplace. My clients love my direct, no-nonsense approach, my off-beat sense of humour and my caring nature. Connect with me by signing up to receive my weekly marketing insights and personal branding secrets.

Your face. Your story. Your brand.

A personal brand playbook for professionals

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