Business Portrait Photography for Juju

Marketing and advertising for the business and products could be quite tricky when your business is educating women about environmental impacts of disposable tampons/sanitary pads and get them to switch to using silicon based cups.

Did you just ask ‘What? what do you mean, a cup?’ That’s the reaction I get when I mention ‘menstrual cup’. I’m pretty sure Juju’s founder Ben would face this challenge on a daily basis. Juju, menstrual cup brand, from Perth, was the proud winner of 2013 Green Life Style Award’s Wellbeing Product category winner.  When this business got shortlisted for a more well known business awards, Ben was asked to get portrait photos done with some specific instructions.

As a Juju user (yep. I’m a proud Juju supporter myself), Ben thought it would make her life so much easier talking to me about getting this important portrait done. For once, she did not have to explain what Juju is all about because I’m already a huge fan!

The challenge for her was how to:

  1. show small cups effectively along side the Juju branding – after all these cups are tiny and semi-translucent.
  2. Portrait photography in the context of ‘Juju’ – it’s to do with period, caring for women’s health and our environment.

After trying different compositions, product positioning and lighting, we’ve settle on a selection of shots. These two are my favourites.


The lighting was quite simple with a couple of Speedlites bouncing off the ceiling in the client’s store room. No light modifier was attached to the light source. The green backdrop was Juju’s exhibition curved stand which Ben turned upside down.

Product and business portrait photography don’t have to be complicated to my mind. The important thing is to make the client relaxed and have fun together. That really is the best and the easiest way to make good photos that the client is happy with.


Great news I heard today was the Juju has been listed as a finalist in the 2014 Telstra Business Awards.

How fantastic! Go Juju~




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