Brand vs Branding

Personal Brand vs. Personal Branding

What’s the difference between brand and branding? Are they one and the same? Confused?

This week, I was listening to Sarah Skeats from the Business of Brand (@businessofbrandau) talking about personal brand.I really enjoyed her talk and one of the helpful things was the distinction between Branding and Brand.

It is used interchangeably and I have been guilty of using it without any distinction until recently. Now, I can clearly explain to you. Sarah’s point was that brand is really about strategy and branding is about things such as websites, logos etc.

I’d go even further.

Your brand is about what others say about you. This can only happen by showing up with your message and keep talking about what you stand for.

Your branding is about your assets. Devices you use to represent your brand. These are photos, websites, your youtube channel, your Linkedin profile and so on.

My clients work with me on both fronts.

They see their brand clarified as part of the strategy sessions.
And some of them also choose to work with me to establish a series of branding assets.

This gave me so much clarity on what I do and what I’ve been creating with my clients.

So remember. You need both.
Building branding assets in isolation is not enough when establishing your brand.

What do you stand for?
Can you articulate that bravely and succinctly?
Your answer to those questions will help you to create a sustainable brand to grow your business.

If you are not sure how to answer, tune in next Sunday as I’ll be providing tips on how to answer that fundamental personal brand question.




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