Blogging and shooting dilemma

Blogging Dilemma

I often get urges to write. An idea would pop into my head and I must write it down. Otherwise, it’s lost. That was not the reason why I started writing to an unspecified/small audience back in 2008. I had a different motive back then. Now, fives years on, it serves more as an outlet for my urges.

As you might have noticed, my blog Style Discovery is re-directing to this site with my name as a domain name. That was done according to the advice given by an SEO consultant. The idea was to carry over the so called online ‘authority’ of Style Discovery to my unknown business name – Songy Knox Photography. I was reluctant to merge the two sites and it took ages to do it due to the large amount of content from my blog. Despite my inner voice of resistance, I did follow the advice of the SEO specialist.

Now, I’m paying the price of not following my own instinct. Perhaps, thanks to Style Discovery’s authority, this website is ranking better in search results for my business-related keywords. However, I somehow lost my will to write in this space with the same gusto that I had when I had a separate site.

There could be many reasons for my reluctance to update this blog under my business name and the desire to open up yet another blog (i.e. using a different platform (i.e. Ghost). I’ll let you use your superior analytical skills to determine why I feel the way I feel.

I may go against the wishes of my consultants whom I pay (albeit little) to advise me and re-instate Style Discovery, and write a separate business blog using a separate platform. That would be something digital consultants (myself included) will tell you ‘NOT TO DO’. This isn’t about how fast my business could grow with SEO. It’s about separating what Style Discovery was/is/will be versus how I make money. Style Discovery was not an income generator (unlike other style blogs). I kept it ‘pure’ and as opinionated as possible (while sometimes getting criticised by some fashion industry people). I didn’t give a toss. I feel that I lost the mojo by moving it away from its original home.

What should I do? I may have already decided. I may change my mind tomorrow morning. I may continue to procrastinate. We’ll have to see what happens.

Shooting Dilemma


I call myself a photographer these days. It’s been a long time coming for me. I resigned from my role at my ‘day job’ in October 2013 and I’m finally finishing up (it took this long to find a replacement for my position) at the end of the month. From next month, I’ll be shooting full time. I once wrote I would not shoot full time. Obviously, things have changed. I decided that I would shape my own future rather than relying on others to do it for me. I would work for myself and for friends and with people I like. It’s all great.

I hear everyone gets ‘stuck’. I wouldn’t want to admit that I’m stuck. Am I stuck? Isn’t it a bit too early? I haven’t really fully gone into it yet! Either way, I’ve been shooting a lot since a couple of years ago. My guy told me that I’ve had two jobs running for the past two years or so. I’m tired. Perhaps, it’s more the physical exhaustion than anything else.

The key is to shoot and learn all the time. This is the line I hear everywhere all the time. Then, I came across something quite the opposite – be more picky and discerning. I wonder myself then if I’m good enough to be choosy? Considering the volume of shots I have from each assignment, I suppose that is a good piece of advice because I should really spend less time at a desk for post-processing.

Since all of the recent wedding/interior/renovation/build and cake smash assignments, I’m shattered. I think I need a break. Or I should go out and shoot more for my personal projects.

Dilemmas. I need to shutdown my brain.


UPDATE – I’ve done it. Following my own advice, I separated this from my business site and moved this post along with it.




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