A word for 2020

I wrote last week that one of the things I do each year is picking a word to anchor my thoughts and actions throughout the year.

As promised, I’m sharing my word with you – LOVE.

Here’s my story. I write this not for the sake of revealing myself in the name of authenticity. Instead, I share it so that you know we all share similar struggles at some stages in our journey.

There’s always a low-degrade agitation running in the background which pushes me to do instead of over-think and stay inert. It may sound great for some, but I have this amped up to my detriment all too often.

Having words such as ‘growth’ and ‘action’ in my yearly word picks, it drove me to such a level that, at times, my speed of getting things done was impressive.

So far, so good. What happens after all that though – plenty of free time and a very restless mind.

I’m thankful for the behaviour patterns I have been able to create for the past few years to grow my business to the level it is at now. I’m grateful for you by sticking around, receiving what I share each week (almost). With that said, I do feel the need to pivot.

To continue serving you and my clients better, I thought of ways to make my work (or vocation) more sustainable with a less busy mind. To me, after reading the book, Awareness by Anthony de Mello, the word LOVE came for 2020.

After my urging last week, two people shared their words with me (thanks Donna & Katie) and :



Could I encourage you to write down/think about what it would feel and look like when you’re fully living by and with the word that you’ve chosen?

Here’s to the year of Love.




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