12 Dresses by Project 12 and Claire wears a blue dress

I got a phone call from Claire, the founder of the Kai Eardley Foundation (KEF) the other week.

💬 Songy, there’s this designer who is creating dresses for charities. And KEF has been chosen for September!

What is this all about, I wondered? I was Intrigued. I have a soft spot for fashion designers and their work. Some of my people already know (looking at my studio wardrobe!) how obsessed I am about all things fashion.

So here’s what I found out. Katie is a bridal/gown designer from Loui Col Designs in Perth. She decided to create Project 12 for which she creates one dress for each month of the year. Each dress is themed and designed for a particular charity/NFP.

The Kai Eardley Foundation was chosen for the month of September. Katie designed the dress using Sapphire blue velvet. The dress is in fact in four pieces – a velvet singlet, a velvet cape, a sequin skirt and a cap – all inspired by Kai’s love for skateboarding.

Claire: So could you photograph the dress?

Songy: Count me in! I’ll be there!

When Katie has finished designing and making all 12 dresses for the 12 charitable organisations, each dress will be auctioned off. The total amount raised from the auction will be donated to the chosen charities.

See Claire modelling this gorgeous, unusual, and funky dress in Katie’s studio in Northbridge.

Watch the time-lapse video of Katie creating this dress 👗



So one lucky and generous person will get to own the dress in about six months time. Interested?

The work the KEF does is so important. After completing a branding project for Claire, I now choose to donate a few hours each month for the Kai Eardley Foundation which has been created with the vision to break the macho stereotype, prevent suicides and save young men’s lives by supporting Tomorrowman Workshops for young men and boys in Australia.




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