10 most interesting things

A month ago, I shared 12 questions by Peggy Klaus.

I had one of my clients do this for his session with me. He gained so much insight – especially about how valuable his experience is to him and to his future employers.

If you haven’t looked at the questions, let’s do this together one question at a time.

What are the ten most interesting things I have done or that have happened to me?

  1. I went to the most prestigious/expensive arts school in Seoul, which was exclusively for rich kids but I’m NOT from a rich family.
  2. I was offered a position as a multimedia designer half way through a Certificate IV Multimedia course in 2001.
  3. I spent two years in Abu Dhabi working in advertising agencies.
  4. I spent a year in Paris coordinating projects/people for the LG Mobile portal across several countries – Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.
  5. I am PRINCE2 practitioner qualified. And I finished the PRINCE2 Foundation test in less than 10 minutes – the fastest in my cohort.
  6. My professional photographic journey started with taking photos at fashion shows since 2008 – taking thousands of images at each show, I learned from the best, almost always sitting right next to the official photographer in the media pit.
  7. Claire Davies from the Sunday Times once featured my blog in STM at the top of the list for ones to follow in the context of Perth Fashion Festival coverage.
  8. I was the project manager the RAC Insurance Quote/Claims portal and the Health Department’s HealthyWA user interface design.
  9. I used to often outperform my superiors (performance and revenue) at work, and fully experiencing tall poppy syndrome :)
  10. I’ve given a couple of guest lectures at Edith Cowan University as a creative professional with the topic of Survive & Thrive.

This has been an interesting exercise. First of all, I’m quite surprised to read all the things I’ve done – almost feels like watching a feature film. Secondly, I understand all these experiences make up who I am today. That makes me unique.

If you could get over the feeling of guilt of boasting (yeah I had a tinge of that in the past) you get to see yourself in a more objective way. Meta-cognition – only us humans are able to do this.

So share with me if you will. Your 10 most interesting things. The act of writing them down will empower you. The act of sending them to someone will double that effect.

Don’t be shy. I have your back.




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