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Better Profile Photo Challenge
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Take our Better Profile Photo Challenge to learn how to take better profile photos and to have a chance to win a prize worth over AUD $500!

Not only will you get to take better profile photos using my FREE resource but you’ll also get a chance to win the following prize:

Total Prize Valued over AUD $500

The Challenge Has Ended.

How Does it Work?

So to get started, upload your current profile photo that needs updating and register to join the challenge. After the registration, you'll receive instructions on how to take better profile photos.

What do I need?

- Mobile phone with a camera
- Willingness to learn
- Willingness to try

What do I do?

Step 1 : Register & Check your email
I'll send you a link to the Ultimate Guide to Better Profile Photos.
Step 2 : Learn & Try
Study all the tips that I share in the Guide and try things for your new profile photos.
Step 3 : Share your NEW Profile photo
If you're happy with your new profile photo, share it on social media
or send it to me directly studio@songyknox.com.au
When sharing use the hashtag #skPhotoChallenge
Step 4 : Remember the deadline
Be sure to share/send your profile photo by 4 May 2020.
Step 5 : Look out for the announcement
I'll announce the prize winner within two business days (6 May).
The prize winning criteria will be how much of the learning (all the tips I taught you) are incorporated in your new profile photo.

I can't wait to see your New Profile Photo!

This challenge is open to anyone so feel free to share it with your tribe. 
Songy Profile Photo
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