With Songy’s help, I feel completely transformed. I feel capable and ready to face all the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. After a few months of personal brand coaching I had a whole idea of what I needed for my business and what I needed to communicate to my customers.
Empower Consulting
Songy's Coaching Sessions were amazing. And the whole process was so seamless. The best thing about the branding shoot with her is that Songy knows how to make you feel great and look fantastic in photos. This is something other photographers couldn't really do for me.
Founder of Runway Lash & Allure Lash Bar
Songy not only helps you feel amazing by helping you show up in your pictures and marketing. She helps you show up in life too! She is intuitive, passionate and genuinely cares about her clients success. Songy has helped my brand and my personal growth on so many levels.
Building Careers
I’d recommend Songy's coaching and photography to anyone wanting to solidify their position as a thought leader and in need of some VA VA VOOM to take it next level.
Being VR
There has been a monumental internal shift that has given me more confidence to build my own company thanks to Songy and her process.
Verve Research
1:1 coaching with Songy nailed my client avatar. Songy then helped me build all my branding assets. One of the smartest things I have ever done for my business was engaging Songy and her team.
Katie H
Better Business Mastery
The process was really fun, and the styling side of things was great - I've purposefully shopped for better colours since the shoot and wear less black now!
Jessica P
Seed Financial
Money comes and goes but a personal brand can last forever. I wanted to be in control of my brand and messaging. Songy helped me articulate and frame up what I needed to tell and show the world. Now I can direct my messaging to those who truly 'get it'.
Donna E
Songy is a warm and engaging woman who gets women’s insecurities but also sees their strengths and where they want to be. She sees the big sky vision and packages it and won’t rest until the client is confident.
Sal De Frietas
I really felt the whole time I was in the presence of a true professional. Songy is passionate and really great at what she does. She is a straight talker and I love that trait in people. I felt confident right from when I booked that she would deliver exactly what I wanted, and she has.
Raquel P
Nuturer, Naturopath
I am the most un-photogenic person there is but today Songy got so many good photos. Songy’s directions made the photo shoot so simple! Just go and do it. It’s so worth it!
Sally Friday
Rebel Hearts Co.
I needed brand images representing funky, fun & smart personality… Songy’s abilities to use natural texture and light in NGV (Melbourne) to frame me was extraordinary. The quality of images is exceptional!
Louise Karch
Author, Master Coach
I was worried at first but Songy took care of everything. She made me feel very comfortable, taking care of every detail including clothing and styling. Songy gave great directions about where and how to stand, where to look. Everything.
Leanne Lisbon
Health Coach
Although having photos taken is something I usually dread deeply, Songy made me feel absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. She just took charge of every aspect and made it incredibly easy and enjoyable for me!
Vicky Murgatroyd
Business Coach
Songy and her team made me feel at ease and I really enjoyed it! With professional photos, it just made me feel more confident in my business and when referring people to my site.
Karen Murphy
Wellness Coach
Songy provides a creative journey which begins with discovering who she is photographing, accumulating and sharing her ideas before the day and of course implementing her talent as a photographer to produce spectacular photos. I highly recommend Songy.
Theresa Kidd
Absolutely amazing! Songy makes you feel so relaxed in front of the camera, and her images are absolutely stunning. She is so creative and has such a good eye. I am so happy with my photos, definitely a great investment not only for my branding but for myself.
Jenny O'Brien
Life Coach
I always feel so nervous in front of camera. With the Songy's professional and warm approach, the trust was built instantly and she just made the whole session more fun and more relaxed.
Winnie Chan
CPA, Financial Coach
I would not have worn any of those colours if it wasn’t for Songy’s direction. Now I have personal branding established.
Life Coach
Songy gave me the confidence to just be myself more without having to be someone else. I feel like I really embodied the person that I am.
Life Coach
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