Branding for the Introvert
Author & Personal Branding Mentor Songy Knox presents

Brand Building with The SEEN Framework®

Bite-size actionable lessons!

Imagine putting yourself out there with ease and growing your business with integrity & authenticity.

In this super action packed course,

I'll show you how to build a brand that inspires you and others to make a difference.

The price is in USD.

Discover the secrets of how I (a serious introvert) built a brand as a Personal Branding coach/mentor for successful entrepreneurs that attracts clients from all over the world.

My promise to you is this:
you'll see the change within 7 days for $1 per day.

The price is in USD.

What our students are saying!

This course is based on

The SEEN Framework®

This groundbreaking framework gives you the mindset and methodology to be seen as the expert that you are.

Because your brand is way more than just a logo, pretty colours and pictures.


In this introduction & overview lesson, I introduce The SEEN Framework and how the course is structured. Students commented on how powerful this overview video is. This is the most value packed five minutes of content you’ll find anywhere.


involves working on the inner self before we look at the outer self. We discover the real you in order to leverage your strengths and put your best traits front and centre. You’ll become aware of ‘brand you’ and embrace your potential for self promotion.

Embrace your Audience

covers placing a laser focus on finding your work, identifying your audience and deeply understanding your ideal client.

Enhance your Brand Image

is about styling ‘up’, experimenting with colour and other branding assets to develop an authentic marketplace look that fits perfectly with you and your business.

New You

is what emerges after we’ve done that deep inner work and gained a new level of confidence, which enables you to develop an authentic brand message you can use everywhere to resonate with your ideal customers.


How do you introduce yourself? If you’re simply dishing out your job title, we have a problem. 

If your palms get sweaty and feel nervous about introducing yourself, this is a must!

I breakdown how you could ace every time you have to talk about your work.

I share professional photographers’ secrets of how everyone can be photogenic with this five-lesson module.

This module contains all the tricks I use when I photograph my clients.

Have you ever thought about hiring photographer for a headshot (for LinkedIn) for example? What if I tell you I can teach you how to do your own profile photos.

After learning the tricks of becoming photogenic, now you can also learn how to take your own profile images!

and a bunch of beautiful worksheets!

The price is in USD.

It's time to grab your favourite drink, pen and a paper.

Find a quiet place for this course, you only need less than 10-15 minutes for each lesson. In no time at all, you’ll be able to master the framework and have a clear action for your brand building.

This is the time for you to gain insights and re-discover yourself. Let’s have some serious fun together and have a clear direction towards building the strong personal brand that you so deserve.

This course is for you:

  • if you think you’re not good at self-promotion
  • if you don’t like the idea of putting yourself out there
  • want to build a brand in an authentic way
  • remain true to yourself
  • want a reliable system.

Now is the time to take action with this amazing opportunity to learn from someone who’s been there and built a system that works.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and can't wait to share what I've gained over the years as a branding coach and mentor for so many people. 

See you inside!

The price is in USD.

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