Vicky says working with Songy is a phenomenal experience.

Vicky had to over come her uneasy feeling of being photographed, and become the face of her business – Life Empowerment Project. She was able to take her business to a whole new level with the newly created set of brand images, using them for her exclusive coaching programs. Now, she is a successful entrepreneur helping women in business to do the same.

I’m not photogenic

“I thought I’m not photogenic and I really won’t enjoy the process of getting photographed. But from the first time I met Songy she made me feel really comfortable, really open, and I think her focus on making sure you’re feeling right and that you’re really in tune with yourself, your vision, your message, and why you’re in business – how all of that then translated in the photoshoot was just phenomenal. I could not have been happier with the results.”

For anyone thinking of working with Songy, just do it

“I knew I had to be the face of my business and that didn’t appeal to me all that much – I was quite nervous to put myself out there, a little bit shy. Songy helped so much because she is an amazing guide, and phenomenal in her own skills, and adds so much more than I ever even imagined. She helped me and my business grow enormously and my confidence grow enormously. Working with Songy is a phenomenal experience and she’ll guide you every step of the way to make sure you get the exact representation you need to help your business grow.”

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