Sue-Anne says Songy is the Bomb.

With the launch of her new website and her online course, Sue-Anne wanted to make sure that her message was clear and on point with her audience. Sue-Anne shares what it was like going through the coaching sessions on her branding and photoshoot with Songy and her team.

On my website I just had selfies and things like that

“I didn’t have any photos of myself that really truly represented me. I Googled for people who could help me with that and when I landed on Songy’s page, I immediately knew she was the girl for me. It was an AH-HA moment. And I wanted that for my future clients when they come to my website. I want people to go to my website and get me, to get my difference, my uniqueness, straight away. And boy, has Songy captured it! She is the bomb!”

Songy’s coaching sessions were so powerful

“What I didn’t know was that Songy was going to give me so much more through this process than just photos. We had a number of coaching sessions, which gave me clarity about my mission and opened up a space for me to be in tune with my brand story and my brand message. It’s helped me improve my website copy and present a better and more authentic me in the way I engage with my audience online, in my Facebook live sessions, and everything else I do on social media. Now my website looks amazing! Songy, I just want to thank you for the care, the courage, the curiosity, and the creativity that you’ve brought to our working relationship. You’ve been brilliant and you truly are the bomb :)”

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