Katie talks about Songy's commitment

With a new-born, when she came back to Perth after having worked in Sydney for many years, she had an idea of launching a business but she was not clear on who her audience was and what her message was for the audience. After working with Songy, Katie became clear on who she is set out to serve and the change she wanted to create in her industry.

Brilliant. Absolutely mind-blowing

“And humbling, seeing the commitment that Songy and her team have toward creating our masterpieces and our businesses. That support was phenomenal and I loved every minute of it. Before the shoot there was a level of uncertainty but I think through the process today I got to experience me, I got to see me in a different light. I got to see that I can do this and that having these women in my life will help me do it. So that was the transformation – that I can.”

To those who hesitate

“My advice is to take the leap of faith. Why sit back and wait? Because at the end of the day, Songy and her team will have your back. These women will help you tell your story, they will transform your life, they will uplift you, and isn’t that what we’re all here to do?”

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