Fiona says it was self-affirming and lots of fun!

Fiona worked with Songy on creating a new set of profile images as she embarked on a career change. 

What were you hoping for?

“I wanted photographs that would be professional, which I could use for LinkedIn, marketing and personal branding. I wanted to use the process to work out my brand and my future direction, so it’s been really useful. Part of the process was completing Songy’s workbook. The questions made me reflect on myself, where I am at the moment, and where I want to be. It was very affirming in terms of my self-beliefs and the goals I had many years ago, and helped me understand that my core values and the things that make me who I am haven’t changed.”

It’s been a lot easier and a lot more fun than I expected

“The whole process of taking photographs has been like a fun morning out. I think you can use it as a positive experience in terms of your branding, how you see yourself, and how you want others to see you in a professional context. It’s been really fun.”

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