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FREE Workbook for Holistic & Authentic Brand Building

When we're struggling with building a personal brand, no amount of tips and tricks could help us. What we need is an approach that gets to the heart of the matter - the stories we are telling ourselves.

The usual narrative goes like this:

💭 I’m not good enough
💭 I’m an imposter
💭 I’m not really qualified
💭 I’m not confident
💭 I don’t know how to put myself out there


There is a way to overcome your road-blocks and build your personal brand with integrity.

After helping so many clients through a systematic process, what I know for sure is that it is not only possible but also important to build a strong personal brand in our age of Zoomy-everything-online.

I’m Songy Knox, Personal Branding Mentor, sharing Invitations to Play — a compilation of deeply engaging Personal Branding exercises from my book How Do You Want to BE SEEN, a personal brand playbook.

YES! I want to start building my brand holistically with integrity. Please send my exclusive copy of Invitations to Play to the following email address.

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