– Songy Knox, Your Personal Branding Coach 

FREE Build Your Personal Brand in 4 Steps

A strong personal brand will help you and your business get recognised online, attract the right kind of customers, and level-up your business.
But how to do it? That is, literally, the Million $$$ Question.
Maybe you’ve tried all the usual tips and tricks found online, the quick Instagram fix, some Facebook advertising, now they’re saying get a TikTok account, and nothing seems to work.

Maybe, like so many others, you fill your empty spaces with negative stories such as:

💭 I’m not good enough
💭 I’m an imposter
💭 I’m not really qualified
💭 I’m not confident
💭 I don’t know how to put myself out there.

YES! I want to start building my brand holistically with integrity. Please send my exclusive copy of How to Build a Personal Brand in 4 Steps to the following email address.

There is a way to turn it all around!

There is a way to build your own authentic brand with real integrity – a brand that represents you and helps you attract an audience of people who get you, who appreciate you and what you do, and who will buy from you again and again. 

Build Your Personal Brand in 4 Steps introduces you to my signature SEEN Framework®, which is the core of my personal branding book How Do You Want to BE SEEN.

I’m Songy Knox, Personal Branding Coach,

and I’ve helped hundreds of very satisfied customers build their brands, find their ideal customers, and grow their businesses into genuine success stories.

After helping so many clients through my systematic branding process, what I know for sure is that it is not only possible for everyone to build a strong personal brand, but having a great brand in our age of Zoomy-everything-online is absolutely imperative for success.

So I put all my brand building secrets (especially for the Introvert because I’m one!) in the workbook How to Build your Personal Brand in 4 Steps!

The launch pad for your success!

As you work through the personalised exercises in your free Build Your Personal Brand in 4 Steps, you’ll see how the 4 Steps of the SEEN Framework® will help you build a really strong authentic brand. You’ll learn how to:

  • create a brand that truly represents you
  • identify and connect with your ideal audience
  • create a brand image that matches your personality & your business
  • write a brand narrative that resonates with your customers.

Build Your Personal Brand in 4 Steps and my SEEN Framework® branding process has been the launch pad for so many of my clients creating their own personal brands, growing their businesses and producing life-changing results.

It’s a concrete step-by-step process to develop an authentic brand and to find and connect with customers who get you, who get your work, and who want to buy from you.

The process worked for hundreds o
f my clients and it will work for you, too!

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