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Develop your Personal Brand and get ahead in your business and career.

(...even if you hate the idea of self promotion)
Have you noticed?

There's no shortage of ‘how to Personal Brand’ articles filled with tips and tricks.

We live in a tactical hell. So many tactics, so little time.


And the biggest problem of all is this nagging feeling…
“What would they say about me?”
BUT Let me ask you this…
“Would you like to be seen as the true expert that you already are?”
If you’re nodding your head, then get ready – if you follow my framework step-by-step you can have the brand you’ve been always dreaming of.
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There are also some amazing side benefits to going through How Do You Want to BE SEEN.


Yes, I said it. My clients who went through the framework not only established the brand they desired but also changed their personal lives.

Improved relationships

You not only deepen the relationship you have with yourself but you also get to understand others so much more deeply.

Feeling good & looking stylish

You learn to know your colours, how to take better photos of yourself, and what to wear. The result? Looking better than ever before and feeling great as a result.

Don't believe me yet?

Let me pull back the curtain and show you what kind of transformation is possible.

Here’s me circa 2015 when I was not at all visible. Hiding behind “my work would speak for itself”.

Here’s me after having developed my brand. Within the course of one year I nearly tripled the net PROFIT in my business.

Your face. Your story. Your brand.

Here's my story

Hey, how are you?

I’m Songy Knox, the author of How Do You Want To BE SEEN. When I first seriously thought about marketing my work as a photographer, and when I realised I had to do something about my personal brand, I looked for all the help I could get. What I found was that almost all the available materials on personal branding were written by men and focused solely on tactics for how to speak and look good. None of the books really addressed the reasons why people had so much resistance toward actually getting started with any of those tactics in the first place.

After researching across a number of different fields from history, psychology, to marketing and human behaviour, and experimenting with different techniques, I’ve been able to develop a holistic and systematic approach to building personal brands with integrity and authenticity. My book, How Do You Want to BE SEEN, is your step-by-step guide to building respect, confidence and an effective branding strategy.

This is the book I needed when I started out as a business owner. Now the SEEN framework, the backbone of How Do You Want to BE SEEN is helping so many people be SEEN and grow their business and career. This is the doorway to that promotion, that raise, those new customers, exponential business growth, paying off those debts, or just getting that smile of appreciation from your loved one. The door is open. Isn’t it time you stepped through it?


How Do You Want to BE SEEN

A Personal Brand Playbook for Professionals

What's in the book?

The book is based on the SEEN Framework®, a groundbreaking model that gives you the mindset and methodology to be seen for the expert that you are. The SEEN Framework® has helped so many people be SEEN and grow their business and career.

The SEEN Framework® is a registered trademark in Australia

Self Discovery

involves working on the inner self before we polish the outer self. We cover ground on becoming aware of ‘brand you,’ embracing your possibilities, healing your past and accepting your enough-ness. In this part we also address possible ‘fear of succeeding’ and ‘fear of judgement’ blocks.

Embrace Your Audience

includes placing a laser focus on finding your work, picking a niche, identifying your ideal client and introducing yourself, all based on your personality traits as well as your strengths. We also explore typical blocks in these areas like ‘not my passion,’ ‘fear of specialising,’ ‘my audience is everyone’ and ‘I’m bad at introducing myself.’

Enhance Your Brand Image

is about styling ‘up’, experimenting with colour and discovering the ‘photogenic' you. You’ll learn a reassuring secret I discovered from taking more than half a million photos of fashion models. In this part we also cover typical blocks like ‘I’m not stylish,’ ‘I only look good in black’ and ‘I’m not photogenic.’

New You

is what emerges after we’ve done that deep inner work and gained a new level of confidence. Now you’re ready to build your assets, share your ideas and truly be seen. We learn that your brand pivots on what others say about you and also about your assets, specifically online tools you use to represent your brand. These include photos, a website, and your social media presence. In this final part we zero in on possible ‘fancy-pants website’ blocks and ‘nobody is interested’ blocks.

Grab the life-changing ebook How Do You Want to BE SEEN for only $9.99 and receive a bonus 20-page workbook

*The price is in USD.
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What do I learn from a book?

When you dive into How Do You Want to BE SEEN, you’ll find activities, real-life examples, and a field-tested framework for business success that will show you how to:

The end result?

Check out what people are saying about the book:

There were so many moments in the book where I cried—for Songy, for me, for all women. It's simply an extraordinary book. I absolutely love it!
Vanessa Vershaw
Author, International Speaker, CEO and Founder of Reinvention Consulting Group
A fast read with compelling, practical and insightful anecdotes from a true brand master. This book is inspiring, and the learning included is leading-edge.​
Dr Ali Burston
Organisational Psychologist, Managing Director of Metisphere

Grab the life-changing ebook How Do You Want to BE SEEN for only $9.99 and receive a action packed beautifully designed bonus 20-page workbook

*The price is in USD.

Do you have printed books?

Yes, it’s been globally published. That means…
The printed version of the book is available worldwide wherever books are sold online such as AmazonTargetBarnes & Noble, and Book Depository to name a few.

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After your reading...

Here are just a few light bulb moments you'll experience:

Your bonus!
And to make sure you have everything you need to take action and get your brand building started, you’ll also receive:

Invitations to Play - Branding Exercise Book

Invitations to Play is a beautifully designed and actionable 20-page Workbook – If you want a personal brand, you’ll have to do some work. How Do You Want to BE SEEN contains a bunch of activities to help you on your journey. To make it easier to work through the ebook, you’ll receive a FREE 20-page workbook containing all of the exercises featured in the book.

Self Discovery

4 activities to build a brand new mindset laying the foundation for your brand building.

Embrace Your Audience

4 activities to laser in on your ideal audience

Enhance Your Brand Image

3 fun activities to upgrade your brand image

New You

3 final activities to launch your brand with a boom!

Grab the life-changing ebook How Do You Want to BE SEEN for only $9.99 and receive a beautifully designed bonus 20-page workbook

*The price is in USD.

Book Reviewers Say...

How Do You Want to Be Seen is an honest, thoughtful and comprehensive sharing of the author’s experience gleaned in her work across corporate and creative environments and a generous testament to how much she has learned in establishing her own personal branding strategies. It is truly a reflection of Songy’s personality and her drive to help others find the most straightforward and vital way to present what they do with grace and impact.

From the first pages of Songy's book, she makes the reader feel deeply seen and understood. Amazingly for someone whose first medium is visual, her wisdom, compassion, and expertise shine through on the printed page as well. Songy is so much more than a brand photographer. This book is the pocket best friend who tells you what you need to hear and helps you be your best.

What's so compelling about How Do You Want to Be Seen is how actionable, holistic, and relatable it is. Songy uses her personal story, professional experience, and unique perspective on how we show up in the world to craft a handbook unlike any other I've read. She speaks with a clarity around both the work we do internally and the various forms of our external expression (colour choice, photo tips, web presence, and more) that makes niching, branding, and showing up as our authentic selves feel accessible and fun.

Stories of Being SEEN

Some of Songy’s Clients share their Stories of Being SEEN. These were created and shared for the book launch event.

Grab the life-changing ebook How Do You Want to BE SEEN for only $9.99 and receive a beautifully designed bonus 20-page workbook

*The price is in USD.
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